kyrie eleison:


1.i have hoarding problem. i need four red buttons and the vein of virginia creeper.


3.wannish, transmontane, severely, etymological, derivations, erudition, caprice, strident roar, recite, distraught, prose, scour, posthumous, a pile of folio volume, apparition, incarnation, drawl, interstice, stitch, engulf, chasm, shrill, perch, perched on the edge of the precipice, premise, wordless language, egocentric abyss, of the suicide's novel, dispel, albeit, peer beyond, upheaval, bespectacled gaze, great clump of curly hair, loose tunic, pseudonym, forgery, apocryphal, limpid, serene eyes, vanguard of phalanx, sarcastic, vulgar, authenticity, manuscript, gall, refit, vulgar fraud, chauvinism, sequel, hostile, bundle of manuscript, confine, perinea, scant number, conceal, notably, vast, the vast, rectify, sexual semantic codes, metalanguage, barbed, reluctant, cadaverous, cadaver, cloak, swish, intoxicate, euphoria, concoct, elate, precocity of women, savor, cholera patient, coffin, trample, withered & yellow, dialect, brothel, counterrevolutionary, oblique, clutter, mingle, acquaint, lacquered coffers, pit, void, comrade, trance, surrender, whim, profane, drapery, crevice, odor, writhe, protrude, sinuous, aroma, infiltrated, gust, preordained, adopt, doctrine, bribulatim, insinuate, slither, snapple, serpentine, penetration, pliability, ill-conceited, the polymorphous-perverse, sexuality, castrate, castration.