Ambitious Slow Lane Swimmer (2017 - )

Ambitious Slow Lane Swimmer
/amˈbɪʃəs/ /sləʊ/ /leɪn/ /ˈswɪmə/

Fast lane is too challenging; lack of guts to move onto the medium lane as one does not even know how to front crawl properly. Beth Lau (b. 1989) is an artist who finds inspiration in mornings, routines and swimming in breaststroke because it feels safer.

She is also one of the most annoying types of swimmer who is relatively good at her strikes hence out-swims her fellow swimmers in the slow lane. She is ambitious, but not fast enough.

Ambitious slow lane swimmer blog is a bi-weekly writing exercise aspires to bubble away the underwater memories and gesture surrounded by this very watery melancholic hue.

One winter in her early twenties, working in a warehouse as a night-shifter, she decided to visit swimming pools after her night shift at dawn. Now she swims every Sundays early morning. Often alone, an ambitious slow lane swimmer reminds us a small dose of damp humility when one stays afloat and crawls through life aquatic.

To write. To write.
The pond beyond
York Hall
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Take him swimming on the sixth date
Brutal Burial
Proposal For Resnais' Swimming Pool
Some are Born to sweet delight, Some are Born to Endless Night
Lido di Venezia
Dear deceased swim caps
The Frozen Lake, The Everything, The Everything
Solace, Après-Swim
I. Lost
II. The Mortal
III. Blissing
When deciduous foliage meets cerulean blue
Brilliantine Mortality
Cesious, You
Faraway Swimming Pool

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